The EuroCulT project is based on open and innovative practices in a digital era, promoting the acquisition of skills and competences in the dawn of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018), as to raise awareness and appreciation of heritage, values and culture to strengthen the common
sense of European identity. Ιt draws attention to the opportunities offered by cultural heritage, which passed down to us from previous generations. In an era of globalization, this partnership aims to demonstrate the value of formal education as an approach to disseminate the cultural values through
activities, based on the multiple roots of our origin, that will highlight the link between cultural heritage and an open-minded outlook in future. Thus, featuring the cultural diversity as a symbol for European heritage pluralism, we will promote the civil dialogue to avoid nationalist and simplistic interpretations of culture as to enhance a peaceful way of living together, developing mutual respect. All schools, despite of their different locations, will become a melting pot in which the appreciation and osmosis of the cultural good will provide a solid basis for effectively citizenship, enhancing students’ interest for locality, shaping values and attitudes towards future responsible behavior, contributing to the
development of the society as well.
The main idea is to map connections between historical and cultural contexts in a changing landscape, as we adopt that heritage places are not isolated islands, but there is a tight connection between people, social structure, and landscape. Looking at the active role of these points from local, regional, national and transnational perspective, we will promote further understanding on variations of the cultural memory and the universal cultural heritage as well.
The EuroCulT project is innovative, because of the use of QR as deep educational methodology that will be the bridge between real and digital world, turning tablet into a “cultural guide”. Thus, students will strive to be an eye-opener in the sense that they will have an in-depth look at the opportunities that provide Tech innovations in promoting cultural heritage assets, preparing them for a multicultural and multiethnic Europe, respecting all origins as well.
EuroCulT project must be funded, as it raises awareness and appreciation that bringing Europe’s cultural heritage close to all partner communities, engaging young generation to discover European treasures, valuing the re-thinking uses of heritage and promoting the cultural good via QR coding. As teachers, we are obliged to enhance the acquisition of student’s heritage-related skills and competences, so as to promote social and educational value of European cultural heritage in open and innovative practices to underline the importance of the European cultural heritage as a reference point for future European citizens.