During the 5th LTT meeting the following activities are planned:
1. GoCanaryIslands: Presentation of school life and elements that constitute the Grant Canarian spirit (ppt or multimedia display);
2. EuroCulTRoute#2: Hidden Town Treasures;
3. EuroCulTRoute#3: Mind up Tradition;
4. EuroCulT Workshop: Making a short film documentary: A short documentary is a lens on this self-contained EuroCulT world. As our subject is
European Cultural Heritage, we have to start seeking video graphical tips, lighting tips or interviewing tips, or just trying to figure out how to write a
script, as to make our vision a reality. The host school is planning to teach us the in-house skills, as to bring local cultural heritage landmarks to life,
aiming to preserve modern history for future generations and to get experience in a range of leading edge video techniques to keep our European
cultural heritage alive;
5. EuroCulTSpots: Let’s melt past to the present: Students and teachers will try to find in local archives captures of the area, as to shot the same
place from the same viewing angle, making the comparison of past and nowadays. Fusing old photos with modern ones, students took themselves
as to develop overlapping images, that merge scenes from past to present in order to create EuroCuITDocumentary;
6. Assembly of contact persons to overview the project;
7. Assessment of 5th visit (questionnaire);
8. Project’s press release and website publishing.
These planned activities will have a strong impact to all partners, because the development of the dialogue between different cultures reaches the
mutual understanding and act effectively, especially between students and teachers of different cultures, which need the minimal agreement on the
basic concepts for culture, interpreting the rapid changing European world. Moreover, all participants will share these experiences in their school
community and they are going to integrate into school subjects, such as History, Geography, Literature, New Technologies, Informatics, Foreign
Languages, Aesthetic Education.

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